Third Script: Accuracy Overflow

Sorry for the delay! I’ve finished two scripts, but the larger one needs its documentation finished. So, tonight you get the smaller one, Accuracy Overflow. It’ll allow you to make success rates higher than 100% combat enemy evasion, which is useful in just about any game. It’ll also let you actually create success rates higher than 100% for skills and items!

Highly recommended for use with this script is Yanfly’s Extra Param Formulas. Since I use fairly static numbers for my stats in my latest game, my hit/eva parameters simply add the character’s AGI to them. Even if you don’t plan on editing the formulas, it’s a great script in any case.

And now I’m going to go back to Dissidia 012.



WIP Tools System


Sorry about the poor quality! I’ve been messing around with Yanfly’s scripts to make a nifty “Tools” system! I have more planned… just need to make ’em.

Not going to “release” this, really, since it’s a strange combination of scripts and eventing. If I make a game out of this, however, feel free to utilize it ~


Second Script: Elemental Merger

Download Elemental Merger

This script will allow you to blend elements together and to have an actor or enemy’s inherent elements be applied to certain kinds of attacks.

For example, with the default script settings, if Erik had the Infuse Fire status effect and used a Piercing physical attack against a Giant Enemy Crab that takes doubled Fire damage and halved Piercing damage, the Fire and Piercing elements would balance out to  deal normal damage. In vanilla Ace, the game would only use the better Fire rate, doubling the damage even though the foe took halved Piercing damage.

Even just plugging this script into your game and not customizing it would be beneficial for most games; it is highly recommended.

(Reminder: Terrain Encounter Rates is also available on the RMVXA Scripts page!)


Hello World ~ !

Craze here, opening up his blog, Craze’s Script Asylum. I’ll be making RPG Maker VX Ace/RGSS3 scripts to compliment Yanfly Engine Ace (which you can find here), as well as porting some of Shanghai’s scripts from RPG Maker VX.

I can’t promise anything too scheduled, but I’ll try to be fairly active.

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