Second Script: Elemental Merger

Download Elemental Merger

This script will allow you to blend elements together and to have an actor or enemy’s inherent elements be applied to certain kinds of attacks.

For example, with the default script settings, if Erik had the Infuse Fire status effect and used a Piercing physical attack against a Giant Enemy Crab that takes doubled Fire damage and halved Piercing damage, the Fire and Piercing elements would balance out to  deal normal damage. In vanilla Ace, the game would only use the better Fire rate, doubling the damage even though the foe took halved Piercing damage.

Even just plugging this script into your game and not customizing it would be beneficial for most games; it is highly recommended.

(Reminder: Terrain Encounter Rates is also available on the RMVXA Scripts page!)

  1. #1 by Archeia Nessiah on February 4, 2012 - 4:44 am

    Craze for Elemental Merger, I noticed if I made a character immune to an element and used a healing spell that shouldn’t have healed him, he still gets healed because it’s using his main element. Is this intentional? 😮

  1. YEA – Victory Aftermath | Yanfly Channel

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