Regrowth Options Compatibility Fix

Hey guys, I think I’ve fixed the Regrowth Options/Yanfly Battle Aftermath issue.

Search for and comment out this line if you use both scripts:

user.add_state(death_state_id) if user.hp <= 0

That should fix it.

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Regrowth Options and Edifice: Frozen Torment Updates

I’ve updated Regrowth Options to v1.02! Now you can have regrowth or penalties when you hit elemental weaknesses or resistances. I think my next script is going to be my Rogue Suite, which will focus on rewards and effects when you get criticals or evade attacks – stuff like buffing yourself, or having criticals inflict states, or dealing damage when you evade. Should be fun!

As for my actual RM Ace project, I’ve changed the name to Edifice: Frozen Torment. It used to be Edifice: Dark Guidance, but I’ve decided to make the sequel first. It’s something of an odd decision, and I guess will be full of spoilers… but I don’t care. I think this will be incredibly refreshing as a new take on “what happens after we save the world?” I’m filing it under the genre of post-post-apocalyptic environmental exploratory fantasy RPG.

Battles will look something like this:

And you will be able to play the battles soon, because I’m working on a battle demo to release this weekend, or shortly thereafter (I’ve been ignoring my homework for this…).

For funsies, here’s the logo:


Regrowth Fix

Regrowth Options has been upgraded to v1.01… which means that I’ve fixed some issues with buffs/debuffs not triggering regrowth properly.

That’s all for now. I might do actor/class-specific equips next (so you don’t have to make a bunch of special weapon/armor types), or maybe I’ll start on the extensive Critical Suite. We’ll see! I’m mostly focusing on my personal life at the moment, though, chasing a special someone ~

If you’re looking for a special someone, you might want to try out Rita’s new emotions at Division Heaven! I can’t wait to use all of these edits in Edifice see people partake in Nessy’s hard work.

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Sixth Script: Regrowth Options

Reward and torture your characters with Regrowth Options!

Ever wanted to have accessories that caused you to recover MP when killing foes, or built your TP as you dodged to help out rogue-type characters? Think it would be cool to cause White Mages to regenerate a little MP whenever they fully heal an ally, or for the Berserk state to build more TP with each hit while damaging the attacker’s HP? Maybe you want an enemy that will kill itself if it ever misses with an attack?

Now you can have those, and so much more! Reward your players for fulfilling certain conditions in order to grow their HP, MP and TP – or punish them with the ability to make evil new states.

Special thanks to YF for letting me build off of his TP Manager, which works perfectly alongside this for incredible TP customization!


Fifth Script: Extra Enemy Actions

I have fixed Elemental Booster, so now items work in the menu properly.

I’ve also uploaded (finally) Extra Enemy Actions! Use it to make enemies have bonus actions each turn (more than originally allowed by Ace, anyway). It’s designed for use with the Free Turn Battle system by Yanfly, but should work with most battle systems in general.

Happy RPGing!


I Live

Hey, just wanted to say that I am, in fact, alive; I simply haven’t been working on scripting much since I’m transitioning back into university life. I’ll do my best to start doing the bugfixes for scripts and to release Extra Enemy Actions tomorrow. The script itself is done, I just need to write the documentation.

I hate writing the documentation.

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Fourth Script: Elemental Booster

Now you can play with your elements further! Elemental Booster will allow you to affect many parameters specifically when dealing with an element. For example, a Fire Bracer might raise Fire damage you do by 15%, or a Bind Thunder spell might make Thunder spells miss 50% of the time.

Also, have some Edifice!


Third Script: Accuracy Overflow

Sorry for the delay! I’ve finished two scripts, but the larger one needs its documentation finished. So, tonight you get the smaller one, Accuracy Overflow. It’ll allow you to make success rates higher than 100% combat enemy evasion, which is useful in just about any game. It’ll also let you actually create success rates higher than 100% for skills and items!

Highly recommended for use with this script is Yanfly’s Extra Param Formulas. Since I use fairly static numbers for my stats in my latest game, my hit/eva parameters simply add the character’s AGI to them. Even if you don’t plan on editing the formulas, it’s a great script in any case.

And now I’m going to go back to Dissidia 012.


WIP Tools System


Sorry about the poor quality! I’ve been messing around with Yanfly’s scripts to make a nifty “Tools” system! I have more planned… just need to make ’em.

Not going to “release” this, really, since it’s a strange combination of scripts and eventing. If I make a game out of this, however, feel free to utilize it ~


Second Script: Elemental Merger

Download Elemental Merger

This script will allow you to blend elements together and to have an actor or enemy’s inherent elements be applied to certain kinds of attacks.

For example, with the default script settings, if Erik had the Infuse Fire status effect and used a Piercing physical attack against a Giant Enemy Crab that takes doubled Fire damage and halved Piercing damage, the Fire and Piercing elements would balance out to  deal normal damage. In vanilla Ace, the game would only use the better Fire rate, doubling the damage even though the foe took halved Piercing damage.

Even just plugging this script into your game and not customizing it would be beneficial for most games; it is highly recommended.

(Reminder: Terrain Encounter Rates is also available on the RMVXA Scripts page!)